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Principal Investigator

管晓飞 Xiaofei Guan (ORCID: 0000-0002-7100-2949)


Assistant Professor, School of Physical Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University

Address393 Huaxia Middle Road, SPST 5-403.I, Shanghai, China 201210

Appointments and Education:

Assistant Professor, ShanghaiTech University, 2017.11-Present 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, 2014.09-2017.09

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Boston University, 2013.09-2014.09

Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Boston University, 2010.09-2013.09

Graduate Student in Physics, The University of Arizona, 2009.08-2010.08

B.S. in Applied Physics, Nankai University, 2005.09-2009.06

Honors and Awards:

Young Leaders Professional Development Award, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), United States, 2015.

Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award in Materials Science and Engineering, Boston University, 2014.


Our modern society is faced with challenges in energy, environment, and resources. The chemical industry for hydrogen production, for example, is highly energy intensive and also emits a large amount of greenhouse gases. There is an urgent need of technological transformations in the chemical industries for building a sustainable energy future. At ShanghaiTech, our research group is exploring unconventional electrochemical materials and sustainable processes to enable energy, environmental and electronic technologies. Our current projects include:

1. Catalytic synthesis of fuels: designing, preparing and characterizing catalysts & reactors for producing fuels.

2. Critical metals extraction and recycling: developing environmentally friendly electrochemical processes for materials extraction and recycling. 

3. Carbon capture: design and investigate new methods for capturing carbon dioxide from air or flue gas.

4. Complex oxides for energy and electronic applications: materials synthesis, control and characterization of electronic and ionic properties, and nanofabrication of field-effect devices. 



(1) 催化合成燃料:制备和表征新型催化材料,设计和搭建催化反应器。

(2) 关键金属元素的提取和回收:开发节能并且对环境友好的新型电化学工艺。

(3) 碳捕集:设计和研究直接从空气或从工业废气中捕集二氧化碳的新方法。

(4) 复杂氧化物在能源和电子器件中的应用:加工和表征纳米薄膜器件,并且调控材料的电学性质。

目前,课题组诚聘 "助理研究员" 和 "博士后",研究经历与 "催化" 或者 "电化学" 相关有意向者请直接邮件联系。 


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Work prior to joining ShanghaiTech:

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Group Members

   Graduate Students Wang, Xingyuan | Tang, Zujian | Tang, Qijuan | Ni, Jihong | Zhou, Jiayin | Meng, Xian.

   Undergraduate Students Chen, Huiqi | Bing, Jinhong.

   Group Alumni (positions) Xue, Qingjun (Daicel) | Yang, Qinghai (GalaxyCore) | Shi, Yue (Cornell) | Zhou, Congquan (SIMIT).

      (Group photo taken on 2021/01/18. From left to right: Congquan, Zujian, Jihong, Jinhong, Yue, Huiqi, Qijuan, Jiayin, Xian, Qinghai, Xingyuan and Xiaofei.)